A slightly different BIO – R. Maard – founder of the Qubenzis Sonic Tech Experience project

Short Bio (version)
As a 6 year old Ricky went with his grandmother to a concert hall in Stockholm to see the still very popular artist Miriam Makeba. Circumstances made that Miriam saw the little boy and called him to the stage for shaking hands.

Embarrassed, honored and impressed by the performance and especially the percussion sounds, Ricky’s concert experience made him decide that he wanted to play drums, which he promptly told his granny.

Since his granny was singing and playing (folk music and political) Ricky often played on her guitar, hence his first instrument.

Clavia Nord Lead Synthesizer

At 10, he started drumming lessons where he picked up the basics from an elderly old-school jazz drummer who, unfortunately, had a slight drinking problem.

The latter became the reason for Rich to quit after a two years. Bought a bass-guitar few years later and started slapping it together with a drummer and a keyboardist. The first band was borne (still in school age).

Brought up in a prosperous late 70’s Sweden, he had access to music technology from the very start. In those day’s even the garage bands where well equipped with everything an aspiring musician/composer could dream of.

It has always been a part of Ricky’s life to experiment with audio and music technology since the day’s of Atari computer w Cubase, Yamaha DX7, Roland 808, Korg, EMU, Oberheim etc., also in traditional studio environment.

He composed theater music and created environmental effects for radio stations as well as performance groups in Scandinavia.

Played with groups (funk/punk/experimental/jazz) in Finland during the 80’ties, festivals and clubs. Did studio jobs as a bass player or keyboardist gaining experience from a world of rock as well as electronic music.

Warmed up for NINA HAGEN, in Copenhagen Graa Hal, 1993, with a group called Orosco-Hamilton Project.

Played Bass together (1 public jam session) with Don Cherry (Cornette). This was at an art exhibition opening by the painter Curt (Curre) Hilfon(swe). The famous Jazz musician who is, yes you guessed it, Neneh- and Eagle Eye Cherry’s father, now deceased. Bless him.

In later years Ricky embarked different set-ups like playing live synth together with DJ’s or as an effect/melody keyboard player with bands ranging from rock, funk and Celtic music to reggae and ethnic.

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