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Ektoplazm – Psychedelic Trance. Psytrance web-site, forum, label and psy culture

Ektoplazm logoEktoplazm is a website seriously devoted to psychedelic trance. The website was founded in 2001 by DJ Basilisk and has since grown into one of the most important website portals in the world for underground psychedelic trance music culture. Ektoplazm has become an indispensable outlet for upcoming underground psychedelic trance artists and producers such as:

Ekoplex :: Producer Profile
Clone :: Producer Profile
Jikkenteki :: Producer Profile
Jikooha :: Producer Profile
ManMadeMan :: Producer Profile
And there are others. Check the complete list here with all Ektoplazm Artist, Label and DJ profiles.

DJ Basilisk in actionEktoplazm covers the multitude of different styles that make up the psychedelic trance music scene. Ektoplazm has started a netlabel with a focus on professional psytrance production.

On the site I found excellent psytrance music posted for free download in highest possible audio quality (WAV, Flac, mp3 320kb) as well as reviews and CD sales links. The news section includes interesting updates on psytrance activities including parties, albums, psy artists and new music production. Many of the venues presented concentrate on Canada since the website is based in the same country. A website well worth a visit for every- and any-body who want to keep up to date with the genre.


  • Chaos Control – Ganja Geisha - Glitch hop and psystep with strong world music influences.
  • Shamantoo Apprentice - Darkpsy and forest killers to top up the heat in the heart of summer.
  • Gaz Mask – Lunatic Frog - Dark progressive psytrance from Brazil.
  • Dirtron – Small World - Melodic full-on psytrance from Australia perfectly suited for sunrise.
  • Xenofish – Datastasis - Twisted neurofunk drum 'n bass with strong psychedelic trance themes.
  • Ektoplazm Metamorphosis: Update 4 - Hello everyone! I’d like to take this occasion to share some of what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Ektoplazm since my last update. I am happy to report that new distribution process has been successfully implemented, easing my workload (so I can concentrate more of my time on the redevelopment effort) and […]
  • Ripple – Land Crocodile - Melodic glitchy tunes to tilt your body and your brain bits.
  • Hermetic – Emanation - A fresh burst of full-on energy from the Czech mycelium.
  • Alien Chaos – Discovering The Code - Full power night-time psychedelic trance from Brazil.
  • Hakkah – Libalayera Entrance - A freestyle mixture of psychedelic trance and elements of drum 'n bass, darkpsy, and progressive.

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